New Editor in Chinese Studies

Dissertation Reviews is excited to welcome Scott Relyea as the editor of our Chinese Studies series. We also wish to express our sincere gratitude to Tom Mullaney, the founding editor of the series, who will continue to develop Dissertation Reviews as Editor-in-Chief. If you are interested in having your dissertation reviewed, please fill out the Review Application Form. You can reach Scott at

Introducing Our Field Editor

Scott Relyea is assistant professor of Chinese history at Hamline University, specialising in the political, social, and intellectual history of late imperial and twentieth century China. His current research centres on the influence of concepts such as sovereignty and territoriality on Chinese state-building efforts in the Kham region of ethnographic Tibet in the early twentieth century and ramifications for Sino-Tibetan relations. He has published in Geopolitics and Modern Asian Studies (forthcoming online in 2014). He received a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University, an M.A. in International Affairs from the George Washington University, an M.A. in Chinese Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and his Ph.D. in Chinese history from the University of Chicago.


Image: Backyard Furnaces, Great Leap Forward, China. Wikimedia Commons.

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