Visual Studies Dissertation Reviews

We are delighted to announce “Visual Studies Dissertation Reviews,” another fantastic addition to our network, set to launch in January 2013. If you are interested in reviewing for the brand new series, or having your dissertation reviewed, please contact


Introducing Our New Field Editor

Rikke Schmidt Kjaergaard is Assistant Professor of Visual Communication of Nanoscience at Aarhus University (Denmark). She received her PhD in Science Communication in 2008, and have since held Postdoctoral Fellowships at University of Cambridge and Harvard University working with optimizing visual communication in molecular biology. Her research focuses on animation and graphics in science, and on how changing technologies, and changing modes and usage of visualization tools transform visual representation, the scientific process, scientific communication and visual culture, and inspire scientific innovation. Her most recent publication is the chapter “Things to see and do: how scientific images work” for the book Successful Science Communication: Telling it like it is (Cambridge University Press 2011). [Website here]



Image: Climate visualization by UCRL and Forrest Hoffman and Jamison Daniel of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Wikimedia Commons.

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