Japan Editor Dennis Frost Moving On

It is with gratitude, and not a little sadness, that we bid a fond farewell to Dennis Frost, who has been editing the Japan Studies series here on Dissertation Reviews for more than two years. Dennis joined the editorial team when DR was just getting started, and on his watch, Japan Studies developed into one of our flagship series.

Dennis will be moving on to concentrate on his second book project on the Japanese Paralympics. For a preview of his work-in-progress, we encourage everyone to read his award-winning article in The International Journal of the History of Sport entitled “Tokyo’s Other Games: The Origins and Impact of the 1964 Paralympics” [link]. Thank you for all your fantastic work, Dennis, and you will be missed.

Will Fleming now becomes our senior Japan Studies Field Editor, and will be joined by two new Co-Editors who have just joined the DR Editorial Team. Please stay tuned for our announcement about these new members, and the future of Japan Studies Dissertation Reviews.


Image: Post image by Infrogmation, Wikimedia Commons.

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