See You Next Year + A Look Back on Season 3

Season Three of Dissertation Reviews comes to a close this week, with our final posts of the season going live this Friday. It has been a simply momentous year. We welcomed on board 17 completely new or expanded fields, we paired up with 600 new friends on our Dissertation Reviews Facebook community, and we published more than 15 times as often as in 2010-11, from a total of 23 pieces in our first season to 352 this season. This month alone, we have featured three times as many dissertations as we did in all of 2010-11. For more of our statistics, please check out “Our Call, Our Stats.” We are deeply grateful for our community of support, and extremely proud to spotlight even more cutting-edge early-career scholarship. As always, if you are interested in being reviewed, serving as a reviewer, or applying to be a field editor for an entirely new field, you know where to find us. We’ll see you next year.

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