New Series: Asian Archaeology

We have another new series on Dissertation Reviews! We are very excited to add the Asian Archaeology to our ever-expanding family. “Asian Archaeology Dissertation Reviews” will bring you friendly, non-critical overviews of recently defended, unpublished dissertations, as well as guides for archives, libraries and collections around the world. If you wish to participate in Dissertation Reviews, please click here to become a reviewer or to have your dissertation reviewed. If you are interested in contributing a “Fresh from the Archives” or “Talking Shop” article, or helping out in some other way, please contact


Introducing our new field editor

tiiuwrss_mdqAnke Hein is an anthropological archaeologist focusing on pre-historic and early historic China. Her main research interest lies with questions of inter-cultural contact and human-environment interaction. Geographically she is focusing on the so-called border regions of China, which have been zones of interactions since early prehistoric times. She just finished her doctorate at the Interdepartmental PhD program in archaeology at UCLA working on “Cultural Geography and Interregional Contacts in Prehistoric Liangshan (Southwest China)”, and will be a Gold Meir Postdoctoral Fellow at Hebrew University from October 2013 onward. [Website here]




Image: Archaeological site of Jinsha in Chengdu, China. Photograph by BenBen, Wikimedia Commons.

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