Coming Soon: Religious Studies

We are very pleased to announce the imminent debut of “Religious Studies,” headed by R. Jeremy Saul. This new field will include a wide variety of reviews across disciplinary and geographical lines, with topics ranging from medieval monasteries to Jurgen Habermas. Religious Studies will be a wonderful complement to Islamic Studies, under the able leadership of Matthew Melvin-Koushki. If you are interested in having your dissertation reviewed, please fill out the Review Application Form. You can reach Jeremy at

Introducing Our Field Editor

EPV0316R. Jeremy Saul completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan (Dec. 2013), where he focused on South and Southeast Asian religions.  He received his B.A. in East Asian Studies from Columbia University, and an M.A. in the History of Asian Art from U.C. Berkeley.  He will soon be serving as Lecturer in Asian Religions at Mahidol University in Thailand.  His dissertation, “Gods for the Modern Era: The Rise of Miracle Shrines in Northwestern India,” investigates the rise of a devotional movement centered on certain deities of Rajasthan during the last twenty-five years.  In the setting of India’s neoliberal economic policies, many merchants throughout the nation believe that these deities are vital to their upward mobility and wellbeing.  Jeremy has published in Journal of Vaishnava Studies (2012) and Nidan: An International Journal for the Study of Hinduism (2014).


Image: The Temple of the Holy Triad at 32 Higgs Street, Albion, Brisbane, Queensland. Wikimedia Commons.







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