New Editor at Chinese Literature

Dissertation Reviews is very happy to welcome a new editor to Chinese Literature, Justyna Jaguscik. We are also pleased to congratulate Lucas Klein, who will continue to work with Chinese Literature, on his promotion to Assistant Managing Editor. If you are interested in having your dissertation reviewed, please fill out the Review Application Form. You can reach Justyna at

Introducing Our Field Editor

IMG_0452Justyna Jaguscik is a lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Chinese Studies at the University of Zurich. She has recently concluded her PhD project on “Literary Body Discourses: Body, Gender and Class Difference in Contemporary Chinese Female-Authored Poetry and Fiction.” In her dissertation she examined distinct body poetics and rhetoric within, and the critical responses to, works by several female authors. In this interdisciplinary project, she combined close readings of poetic works with inquiries into the roles the individual authors have played in the changing intellectual landscape of post-socialist China.

Justyna teaches pre-modern and modern Chinese literature in addition to gender studies. Currently she is redrafting her dissertation into her first monograph publication. She has published several papers on Chinese literature and social stratification in Polish, German and English.



Image: Sanguo yan yi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), written by Luo Guanzhong (circa 1330–1400). Wikimedia Commons.







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