Follow Your Favorite Series: Our New Mailing List

New DR Mailing List Delivers ONLY the Series You Want

Dissertation Reviews has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and many of our readers have asked us: Can I sign up to receive notifications for the specific fields I’m most interested in, and not the others?

We’re excited to announce the new DR Mailing List, which allows you to select your preferred categories of reviews and features.

Interested in Performance, Inner Asia, and Gender? We’ve got your back. Perhaps your heart is set upon Russia, Medieval Studies, and Economic History? We’ve got you covered. Whether you follow 1 series on DR, or all 20+ of them, now you can custom-tailor your reading experience.

Please visit our new mailing list and sign up today. When the 2014-15 season begins this Fall, you’ll receive notifications ONLY about the series you sign up for.

Image: At sign in Bitstream Vera Sans. Wikimedia Images.

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