Coming Soon: Eastern and Central European Studies

Exciting news at Dissertation Reviews: We are very happy to announce the imminent launch of Eastern and Central European Studies and to welcome Kinga Pozniak as the new series editor. If you are interested in having your dissertation reviewed, please fill out the Review Application Form. Kinga can be reached at

Introducing Our Field Editor

Kinga Pozniak - photoKinga Pozniak is an anthropologist and presently teaches at The University of Western Ontario, Canada. She received her PhD in 2011 from The University of Western Ontario. She conducts research in Poland and has published on the subject of the postsocialist transformation, memories of the socialist past, and the trajectories of postsocialist postindustrial cities. Her forthcoming book “Nowa Huta: Generations of Memory in Model Socialist Town” uses the case of a former Polish model socialist town called Nowa Huta to examine how people are experiencing the changes that have been taking place following the collapse of the socialist government in 1989 and the country’s embrace of neoliberal economic reforms.

Image: Record from the Provincial Archives in Opawa associated with change of surname of Stanisław Sylwester Alfonzy (Stanislaus Silvester Alfons) Kusionowicz, son of Andrzej Kusionowicz, and his second wife Alicja Matter, on 7 September 1906. WikiCommons.






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