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Red Tourism in China

A review of Production, Transmission, and Consumption of Red Tourism in China: A Model of the Circuit of Red Heritage and Tourism, by Shengnan Zhao….

Les Affiches de mai 68 ou l'Imagination graphique : [exposition,

Private Equity Investing in New York City

A review of Songs of Profit, Song of Loss: Private Equity Investing in New York City, by Daniel Souleles Daniel Souleles’ ethnographic study of American…


Reassembling Western Zhou Social Ritual

A Review of Between Kin and King: Social Aspects of Western Zhou Ritual, by Paul Nicholas Vogt. This dissertation is a study of socio-political aspects…


Performance, Politick, and Respect in Haiti

A review of “We Make the State”: Performance, Politick, and Respect in Urban Haiti, by Chelsey Kivland. The former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier…


Global Indie Music in Uruguay

A review of Between Two Monsters: Popular Music, Visual Media, and the Rise of Global Indie in 21st Century Uruguay, by Rachel Lears. Indie is…