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Red Tourism in China

A review of Production, Transmission, and Consumption of Red Tourism in China: A Model of the Circuit of Red Heritage and Tourism, by Shengnan Zhao….


A History of Money in Palestine

A Review of A History of Money in Palestine: From the 1900s to the Present, by Sreemati Mitter. Sreemati Mitter’s groundbreaking dissertation treating the economic…


Kurash Sultans samlung at the Svenkst visarkiv

A review of Kurash Sultans samlung at the Svenkst visarkiv (Center for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) (Stockholm, Sweden) My dissertation is an intellectual…


Women’s Educational Work in Ontario

A review of In Her Hands: Women’s Educational Work at the Royal  Ontario Museum, the Canadian National Exhibition and the Art Gallery of Toronto, 1900s-1950s,…