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The West Ward Excavation, Bamburgh Castle

A review of The West Ward Excavation, Bamburgh Castle (Bamburgh, Northumberland, United Kingdom). The subject of the present article is a little different, concerning as…


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Dissertation Reviews is sponsoring a project on academic publishing for early career scholars, and we need your help! We are asking academics (PhD students through full…


Visual Sources in Russian Archives

Visual Sources in Russian Archives The vagaries of archival research can be taxing enough when working with conventional text-based sources, but trying to locate, access,…

MuseumStudies_Pal Negyesi_2

A Review of Archives in Hungary

I have been researching the history of Hungarian motoring for the past 22 years and have visited dozens of archives in Hungary and abroad. In…


The Qiaopi Museum, Shantou, Guangdong, China

A review of the Qiaopi Museum (侨批文物馆) (Shantou, Guangdong, China). Qiaopi as Memory of the World Qiaopi are remittance receipts in the form of family letters…