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Citizenship in Soviet Uzbekistan

A review of Implementing a Vision of Citizenship in Soviet Uzbekistan: Theory, Social Issues and Education, by Sevket Chevy Akyildiz Beginning in the late Brezhnev…

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Narratives of Southern Vietnamese History

A review of Reconceptualizing Southern Vietnamese History from the 15th to 18th Centuries: Competition along the Coasts from Guangdong to Cambodia, by Brian A. Zottoli….


Redefining Public Space in Hanoi

A review of Redefining Public Space in Hanoi: Places, Practices and Meaning by Sandra Kurfürst. Redefining Public Space in Hanoi: Places, Practices and Meaning analyzes…


Tibetan Monastic Revival in Amdo

A review of Seeing Beyond the State? The Negotiation of Moral Boundaries in the Revival and Development of Tibetan Buddhist Monasticism in Contemporary China, by…


Global Indie Music in Uruguay

A review of Between Two Monsters: Popular Music, Visual Media, and the Rise of Global Indie in 21st Century Uruguay, by Rachel Lears. Indie is…


Irrigation Water Management in Kyrgyzstan

A review of Water, International Development and Collective Action: An Impact Assessment of an Irrigation Management Project in Southern Kyrgyzstan, by Heather LaRue McGee.  …