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Kyrgyzstan, Russia & US in Central Asia

A review of The Base of Contention: Kyrgyzstan, Russia and the U.S. in Central Asia (2001-2010), by Alisher Khamidov. Alisher Khamidov’s The Base of Contention…


Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China

A review of Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China: Disease, Healing, and the Body in Cross-cultural Translation (Second to Eighth Centuries C.E.), by C. Pierce Salguero….


Malaysia & Singapore’s China Policy

A review of Smaller States’ Alignment Choices: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Singapore’s Hedging Behavior in the Face of a Rising China, by Cheng-Chwee…


Industrial Enterprise in Modern China, 1890-1957

A review of Yudahua: The Growth of An Industrial Enterprise in Modern China 1890-1957, by JUANJUAN PENG.  This dissertation revisits the early industrialization and business history…


Chinese Women on the Run

A review of On the Run: Women, City, and the Law in Beijing, 1937-1949, by ZHAO MA.  Zhao Ma opens with several cases of “deserting…