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Gay Poetics in Post-WWII U. S.

A review of Homosexuality Is A Poem: How Gay Poets Remodeled The Lyric, Community And The Ideology Of Sex To Theorize A Gay Poetic, by…

The Qala Iktyaruddin Citadel is seen in Herat, Afghanistan, Monday, Oct. 17, 2011. An ancient citadel in Herat that dates back to Alexander the Great has been restored, a bright sign of progress in a country destroyed by war. The citadel, a fortress that resembles a sand castle overlooking the city, and a new museum of artifacts at the site was completed by hundreds of local craftsmen and funding and support from the U.S. and German governments and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. (AP Photo/Houshang Hashimi)

Persian Prison Poetry

A review of The Political Aesthetic of the Medieval Persian Prison Poem, 1100-1200, by Rebecca Gould. Rebecca Gould’s dissertation traces the Persian prison poem (ḥabsiyyāt)…

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Poetry in Meiji Japan 1870-1900

A review of The Poetry of Dialogue: Kanshi, Haiku and Media in Meiji Japan, 1870-1900, by Robert Tuck. Robert Tuck’s dissertation provides us with a…