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Medical volunteers heading to the conflict zone. Events of June 7, 2013.

Civil Unrest by Expatriates in Istanbul

A review of Sensemaking of Civil Unrest by Expatriates in Istanbul, Turkey from May 31, 2013 to July 18, 2013 by LeAnn Gale DeHoff. It has…

Cumhuriyet 9 Nisan 1973

Female Broadcast Professionals in Turkey

A review of The Construction Of Gendered Subjectivities Of Female Broadcast Professionals Within TRT (1964 – 1989), by Özlem Akkaya. Özlem Akkaya’s PhD dissertation entitled…


Euroscepticism in Turkish Politics

A review of Understanding the Euroscepticism in Turkish Politics, by Seçkin Barış Gülmez. This dissertation provides important insights into the discourse about European Union and…