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Madness in Republican China

A review of Spits, Chains, and Hospital Beds: A History of Madness in Republican Beijing, 1912-1938, by Emily Lauren Baum. This widely researched dissertation explores…

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U.S. Adoptions from Asia

A Review of Race and the Violence of Love: Family and Nation in U.S. Adoptions from Asia, by Kit Myers Recent scholarship documents how adoption…

Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant in Film & Fiction

A review of Organ Ensembles: Medicalization, Modernity, and Horror in the 19th and 20th Century Narratives of the Body and its Parts, by Yeesheen Yang….


Culture of Mental Health in Oaxaca

A review of The Culture of Mental Health in a Changing Oaxaca, by Whitney L. Duncan. The globalization of a biomedical approach to mental health,…


Modern China’s Encounter with the World

A review of Internalizing the West: Qing Envoys and Ministers in Europe, 1866-1893, by Jenny Zhengzheng Huangfu. In the mid-1980s, just as China was headed…

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Chinese POWs in the Korean War

A review of To Return Home or “Return to Taiwan”: Conflicts and Survival in the “Voluntary Repatriation” of Chinese POWs in the Korean War, by…