Hitting the Archives This Summer?


Will you be doing archival research on topics Islamic or related to the Islamic world this summer? Before heading out, be sure to brush up with our growing Fresh from the Archives series! And if you’d like to contribute a new article or submit an update for any of these institutions below, please contact the Islamic Studies Field Editor at matthew.melvinkoushki@dissertationreviews.org.


Süleymaniye Library, Istanbul (Christopher Markiewicz)

Ottoman Archives, Istanbul (Christopher Markiewicz)

Al-Beruni Institute for Oriental Studies, Tashkent (Ertuğrul Ökten)

Bodleian Library, Oxford (Audrey Truschke)


Upcoming Articles

Matenadaran Collection, Yerevan (Mushegh Asatryan)

Persian Manuscript Archives in the UK (Audrey Truschke)

Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyya, Cairo (Noah Gardiner)

Ganj Bakhsh Library, Islamabad (Waleed Ziad)


Image credit: Mir Sayyid ‘Ali, “Portrait of a Young Indian Scholar,” Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Wikimedia Commons.


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