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[China]   Justin Jacobs, Empire Besieged: The Preservation of Chinese Rule in Xinjiang, 1884-1971 (University of California, San Diego, 2011), reviewed by Benno Weiner (Appalachian State University)

[Japan]   Hiromu Nagahara, Unpopular Music: The Politics of Mass Culture in Modern Japan (Harvard University, 2011), reviewed by Austin Parks (Northwestern University)

[South Asia]   Papori Bora, The Nation and Its Margins: Reading Gender and the Politics of Sovereignty in India’s Northeast (University of Minnesota, 2011), reviewed by Atreyee Sen (University of Manchester)

[China, Inner Asia, Tibetan Himalayan]   Wen-Shing Chou, The Visionary Landscape of Wutai Shan in Tibetan Buddhism from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century (University of California, Berkeley, 2011), reviewed by Aurelia Campbell (Lake Forest College)

[Islamic Studies]   Ozgen Felek, Re-creating Image and Identity: Dreams and Visions as a Means of Murad III’s Self-fashioning (University of Michigan, 2010), reviewed by Ahmet Tunc Sen (University of Chicago)

[Science Studies]   Elizabeth Ramey, Agriculture and Class: Contradictions of Midwestern Family Farms Across the Twentieth Century (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2012), reviewed by Megan Birk (University of Texas Pan American)

[Med Anthro]   Margaret Winchester, Living with Globalization: The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Infection in Uganda (Case Western Reserve University, 2011), reviewed by Andrew Irving (University of Manchester)

[China, Print Media]   Hsiao-Wen Lee, The Public and the Popular Media in China (University of Westminster, 2010), reviewed by Mareike Ohlberg (University of Heidelberg)

[Visual Studies]   Neeraj Kumar, Describable Visual Attributes for Face Images (Columbia University, 2011), reviewed by Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose (Aarhus University)

[Russia]   Mark Soderstrom, Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Peter Slovtsov, Ivan Kalashnikov, and the Saga of Russian Siberia (The Ohio State University, 2011), reviewed by Jessica Peyton-Roberts (Arizona State University)

[Asian Art, Japan]   Asato Ikeda, Envisioning Fascist Space, Time, and Body: Japanese Painting during the Fifteen-Year War (1931-1945) (University of British Columbia, 2012), reviewed by Akiko Takenaka (University of Kentucky)

[China]   Quinn Javers, Conflict, Community and Crime in Fin-de-siècle Sichuan (Stanford University, 2012), reviewed by Daniel Asen (University of Pittsburgh)

[Chinese Lit, Talking Shop]   Li Guo (Utah State University), “The Promise and Perils of Feminist Criticism in Chinese Studies”

[Korea]   Jisoo Kim, Voices Heard: Women’s Right to Petition in Late Choson Korea (Columbia University, 2010), reviewed by Sungyun Lim (University of Colorado at Boulder)

[Southeast Asia, Islamic Studies]   Francis Bradley, The Social Dynamics of Islamic Revivalism in Southeast Asia: The Rise of the Patani School, 1785-1909 (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010), reviewed  by Amrita Malhi (University of South Australia)

[Islamic Studies, South Asia]   Audrey Truschke, Cosmopolitan Encounters: Sanskrit and Persian at the Mughal Court (Columbia University, 2012), reviewed by Mana Kia (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)

[Archives Review, South Asia]   Review of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi, by Derek Elliott (University of Cambridge)

[Tibetan Himalayan]   Joshua Schapiro, Patrul Rinpoche on Self-Cultivation: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth-Century Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual Advice (Harvard University, 2012), reviewed by Rachel Pang (University of Toronto)

[Bioethics, Science Studies]   Tamara Kayali, The Real Me: Control, Responsibility and the Self in Depression (University of Cambridge, 2011), reviewed by Sarah Brown (University of Nottingham)

[Archives Review, Science Studies]   Review of the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, by Bill Rankin (Yale University)

[Archives Review, Asian Art, Japan]   Review of the Tokyo National Museum Research and Information Center, by Kristopher Kersey (University of California, Berkeley)

[Visual Studies]   Nathaniel Swigger, Seeing Is Believing: The Strategy Behind Campaign Imagery and Its Impact on Voters (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009), reviewed by Leslie Becker (California College of the Arts)

[China]   Tie Xiao, In the Name of the Masses: Conceptualizations and Representations of the Crowd in Early Twentieth-Century China (University of Chicago, 2011), reviewed by Roy Chan (The College of William and Mary)

[Chinese Lit]   Yiju Huang, Wounds in Time: The Aesthetic Afterlives of the Cultural Revolution (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2011), reviewed by Yiching Wu (University of Toronto)

[Japan]   William Fleming, The World Beyond the Walls: Morishima Chūryō (1756-1810) and the Development of Late Edo Fiction (Harvard University, 2011), reviewed by Kelly Hansen (San Diego State University)

[Islamic Studies]   Mehmet Karabela, The Development of Dialectic and Argumentation Theory in Post-classical Islamic Intellectual History (McGill University, 2011), reviewed by Alexander Key (Stanford University)

[Asian Art, China, Inner Asia, Tibetan Himalayan]   Aurelia Campbell, The Impact of Imperial and Local Patronage on Early Ming Temples in the Sino-Tibetan Frontier (University of Pennsylvania, 2011), reviewed by Wen-Shing Chou (Hunter College, CUNY)

[Islamic Studies, South Asia]   Ryan Perkins, Partitioning History: The Creation of an Islami Pablik in Late Colonial India, c. 1880-1920 (University of Pennsylvania, 2011), reviewed by Justin Jones (University of Exeter)

[Med Anthro, Science Studies]   Jennifer Cuffe, An Empirical Study of Scientists’ Reasoning in the Canadian Regulatory Evaluation of Traditional, Homeopathic, Herbal, and Other ‘Natural’ Medicines (McGill University, 2010), reviewed by Daniel Hollenberg (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)

[Science Studies]   Stine Slot Grumsen, Casting for Good Will: Profession, Trade and Identity in American Dentistry, c. 1910-1950 (Aarhus University, 2012), reviewed by Elizabeth Mertz (University of California, San Francisco)

[Print Media, Science Studies]   Fiona Pettit, Freaks in Late Nineteenth-Century British Media and Medicine (University of Exeter, 2012), reviewed by Monika Pietrzak-Franger (Universität Siegen)

[Asian Art, China]   Leslie Wallace, Chasing the Beyond: Depictions of Hunting in Eastern Han Dynasty Tomb Reliefs (25-220 CE) from Shaanxi and Shanxi (University of Pittsburgh, 2010), reviewed by Vincent Leung (University of Pittsburgh)

[Russia]   Jeffrey Hardy, Khrushchev’s Gulag: The Evolution of Punishment in the Post-Stalin Soviet Union, 1953-1964 (Princeton University, 2011), reviewed by Wilson Bell (Thompson Rivers University)

[Korea]   Yongwoo Lee, Embedded Voices In-Between Empires: The Cultural Formation of Korean Popular Music in Modern Times (McGill University, 2010), reviewed by Tyran Grillo (Cornell University)

[China]   Geoffrey Goble, Chinese Esoteric Buddhism: Amoghavajra and the Ruling Elite (Indiana University, 2012), reviewed by Shi Jue Wei (Poh Yee Wong) (International Buddhist Progress Society)

[Tibetan Himalayan]   Daniel Hirshberg, Delivering the Lotus-born: Historiography in the Tibetan Renaissance (Harvard University, 2012), reviewed by Lewis Doney (LMU Munich)

[South Asia]   Prerna Singh, Subnationalism and Social Development: A Comparative Analysis of Indian States (Princeton University, 2010), reviewed by Triyakshana Seshadiri (George Mason University)

[Southeast Asia]   Jacqui Baker, The Rise of Polri: Democratisation and the Political Economy of Security in Indonesia (London School of Economics, 2010), reviewed by Joshua Barker (University of Toronto)

[Archives Review, Science Studies, Japan]   “Science for God’s Sake”. Review of The Salvation Army Research Room, Tokyo, Japan; Archives of the Episcopal Church, Austin TX; Salvation Army National Archives and Research Center, Alexandria VA, by Elisheva Perelman (Millikin University)

[Science Studies, Japan]   Elisheva Perelman, The Exponent of Breath: The Role of Foreign Evangelical Organizations in Combating Japan’s Tuberculosis Epidemic of the Early Twentieth Century (University of California, Berkeley, 2011), reviewed by Ruselle Meade (University of Manchester)

[Bioethics]   Nicolae Morar, Biotechnologies and Human Nature: Ethical and Political Challenges (Purdue University, 2011), reviewed by Ryan Tonkens (Dalhousie University)

[Islamic Studies]   Maurice Pomerantz, Licit Magic and Divine Grace: The Life and Letters of al-Ṣāḥib Ibn ʿAbbād (d. 385/995) (University of Chicago, 2010), reviewed by Malika Dekkiche (Ghent University)

[Archives Review, Asian Art, South Asia]   Review of Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi, India; P.C. Joshi Archive of Contemporary History, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India; Archive of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, Kolkata, India, by Sanjukta Sunderason (Leiden University)

[Visual Studies]   Kara Lynn Andersen, Immaterial Materiality: Collecting in Live-Action Film, Animation and Digital Games (University of Pittsburgh, 2009), reviewed by Sara Brinch (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

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Image: The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry – January (1412-1416). Wikimedia Commons.

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