New season, new editor for South Asian Studies on Dissertation Reviews


We are pleased to welcome a new South Asian Studies Field Editor to Dissertation Reviews: Bérénice Guyot-Réchard (University of Cambridge). We bid a very fond farewell and best wishes to departing Field Editor Susan Johnson-Rohr!

The 2015-16 season launched with thought-provoking pieces on colonial violence and the photographic archive, the use of mindfulness in teaching topics like Partition, and evolving forms of religiosity in northern India.

If you wish to participate in Dissertation Reviews by becoming a reviewer, having your dissertation reviewed, or writing “Fresh from the Archives” and “Talking Shop” articles, please fill in the forms or contact Bérénice, the South Asian Studies editor.

Introducing our Field Editor

Bérénice Guyot-Réchard is a historian of modern South Asia and its global and regional environment. Currently a Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, she will join King’s College London as Lecturer in Twentieth Century International History in early 2016. She is finishing a book manuscript on Sino-Indian relations in the twentieth century, where she traces the roots of tensions between China and India back to their competing attempts to entrench themselves in the Himalayas from 1910 onwards.

Coming soon

Filippo Boni’s (Nottingham University) Talking Shop piece on doing fieldwork in Pakistan

Oliver Godsmark’s (Exeter University) review of the Maharashtra State Archives

Jessica Hinchy, “Power, perversion and panic: Eunuchs, colonialism and modernity in North India” (Australian National University 2013), reviewed by Radha Kumar (Syracuse University)

Ariana Maki’s (University of Colorado at Boulder) review of the National Library & Archives of Bhutan

Liza Oliver, “Mercantile Aesthetics: Art, Science, and Diplomacy in French India (1664-1761)” (Northwestern University 2014), reviewed by Danna Agmon (Virginia Tech)

Nadeera Rupesinghe’s (Leiden University) review of the National Archives, Sri Lanka

Jacquelyn Strey’s (SOAS) Talking Shop Piece on the phenomenon of researcher fatigue

Charlotte Thomas, “Domination et résistance de la minorité musulmane après le pogrom de 2002 à Ahmedabad (Inde): les paradoxes de la ghettoïsation à Juhapura” (Sciences Po Paris 2014), reviewed by Jean-Philippe Dequen (Max Planck Institute)

Tenzin Tsepak’s (Indiana University) review of the Dharamsala Tibetan Archives & Library

Ali Usman Qasmi’s (Lahore University School of Management) review of Pakistan’s National Documentation Centre, National Archives of Pakistan, and Punjab Archives.

Philipp Zehmisch, “Mini-India: The Politics of Migration and Subalternity in the Andaman Islands” (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2015), reviewed by Uday Chandra (Georgetown University, Qatar)

Philipp Zehmisch’s (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Talking Shop piece on navigating bureaucracy during fieldwork in the Andamans

…and many more

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