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We are delighted to announce the launch of “Medieval Studies Dissertation Reviews,” a new series spotlighting recently defended, unpublished dissertations on a variety of subjects in this vibrant field. The Medieval Studies series will feature reviews and guides for archives, libraries and collections around the world. If you wish to take part in Dissertation Reviews, please click here to become a reviewer or to have your dissertation reviewed. You may also propose a “Fresh from the Archives” or “Talking Shop” article by contacting


Introducing our new field editor

Katherine WeikertKatherine Weikert recently completed her PhD, with a dissertation entitled “Gender and social visibility, landholding and authority in southern England during the central middle ages,” at the University of Winchester (UK), where she is currently a part-time lecturer in the Archaeology and History Departments. She also lectures on gender and sexuality in medieval Europe at Bath Spa University. Her BA in History was received from the University of Evansville (U.S.), and her MA in Medieval Archaeology was awarded at the University of York (UK). Her research focuses on the intersections of space and gender, and their implications for the performance or display of elite authority in England and Normandy c. 900-1200. She has several publications in the works on this topic, along with a co-edited volume on medieval hostages and hostageships currently in process.




Image: Medieval illumination of a dog, 14th century, from a Codex in the Czech Republic. Wikimedia Commons.

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