October 2012 Posts

[Archives Review, Asian Art, Japan]   Molly Vallor (Stanford University), review of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan

[Archives Review, China, Japan]   Kelly Hammond (Georgetown University), review of five Tokyo archives: National Diet Library, Waseda University Library, Toyo Bunko/The Oriental Library, Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and National Archives of Japan

[Japan]   Levi McLaughlin, Soka Gakkai in Japan (Princeton University, 2009), reviewed by Gerald Iguchi (University of Wisconsin – La Crosse)

[China]   Vanessa Qin Fang, Beauty and a Broken City: Women and Their Publicity in Tianjin, 1898-1911 (University of Minnesota, 2011), reviewed by Zhao Ma (Washington University in St. Louis)

[Bioethics]   Jes Harfeld, The Question of the Farm Animal: Welfare, Ethics, and Public Policy in Modern Animal Agriculture (Aarhus University, 2010), reviewed by Chris Degeling (University of Sydney)

[Science Studies]   Jennifer Rampling, The Alchemy of George Ripley, 1470-1700 (University of Cambridge, 2009), reviewed by Peter Grund (University of Kansas)

[Russia]   Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, Red Globalization: The Political Economy of Soviet Foreign Relations in the 1950s and 1960s (University of Chicago, 2009), reviewed by Elizabeth McGuire (San Francisco State University)

[Korea]   Bongsoo Park, Intimate Encounters, Racial Frontiers: Stateless GI Babies in South Korea and the United States, 1953-1965 (University of Minnesota, 2010), reviewed by Eleana Kim (University of Rochester)

[Asian Art, Korea]   Jungsil Lee, Reconsidering the Body in Korean Modern Art:  Ku Ponung’s Body, World, and Art (University of California, Los Angeles, 2011), reviewed by Christine Y. Hahn (Kalamazoo College)

[South Asia]   Aparna Sundar, Capitalist Transformation and the Evolution of Civil Society in a South Indian Fishery (University of Toronto, 2010), reviewed by Aaron P. Mulvany (Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan)

[Southeast Asia, China]   Thum Pingtjin, Chinese Language Political Mobilization in Singapore, 1953-63 (University of Oxford, 2011), reviewed by Rachel Leow (Harvard University)

[Russia, Archives Review]   Philippa Hetherington (Harvard University), review of the Russian State Historical Archive (Российский Государственный Исторический Архив), St. Petersburg, Russia

[China]   Lawrence Lok Cheung Zhang, Power for a Price: Office Purchase, Elite Families, and Status Maintenance in Qing China (Harvard University, 2010), reviewed by Devin Fitzgerald (Harvard University)

[Science Studies, Medical Anthropology]   Alina Baciu, Biopolitics and the Influenza Pandemics of 1918 and 2009 in the United States: Power, Immunity, and the Law (George Washington University, 2010), reviewed by Mark Honigsbaum (University of Zurich)

[Archives Reviews, Science Studies]   James Poskett (University of Cambridge), review of the Wellcome Archives, London, United Kingdom

[Japan]   Akira Shimizu, Eating Edo, Sensing Japan: Food Branding and Market Culture in Late Tokugawa Japan, 1780-1868 (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011), reviewed by Aaron Skabelund (Brigham Young University)

[China]   Poh Yee Wong (Dharma name: Shi Jue Wei 釋覺瑋), Acculturation as Seen Through Buddha’s Birthday Parades in Northern Wei Luoyang: A Micro Perspective on the Making of Buddhism as a World Religion (University of the West, 2012), reviewed by Geoffrey Goble (DePauw University)

[South Asia]   Hans Utter, Networks of Music and History: Vilayat Khan and the Emerging Sitar (Ohio State University, 2011), reviewed by Rumya S. Putcha (Earlham College)

[Asian Art, China]   Liu Ai-lian, Yang Weizhen (1296-1370) and the Social Art of Painting Inscriptions (University of Kansas, 2011), reviewed by Lei Xue (Oregon State University)

[Talking Shop, China]   Annelise Heinz (Stanford University), “Mahjong, Memory, and Hidden Histories”

[Science Studies]   Xaq Frohlich, Accounting for Taste: Regulating Food Labeling in the “Affluent Society”, 1945-1995 (MIT, 2011), reviewed by Andrew Ruis (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

[Bioethics, Medical Anthropology]   Chen-I Kuan, Debates on Gender and Technology: Cesarean Births in Taiwan (Syracuse University, 2011), reviewed by Nathan Emmerich (Queen’s University Belfast)

[Talking Shop, Science Studies]   Efram Sera-Shriar (York University, Toronto), Anthropometric Photography, Questionnaires and the Victorian Age

[Korea]   Kyung Ju Ahn, South Korean Transnational Mothers: Familism, Cultural Criticism and Education Project (Syracuse University, 2009),
reviewed by Jesook Song (University of Toronto)

[Archives Review, China]   Vivienne Xiangwei Guo (King’s College London), review of the Republican-era Collections, Nanjing Library, China

[Southeast Asia]   Lynette Chua, How Does Law Matter to Social Movements? A Case Study of Gay Activism in Singapore (University of California, Berkeley, 2011), reviewed by Thaatchaayini Kananatu (Monash University Malaysia)

[Russia]   Sergei Antonov, Law and the Culture of Debt in Moscow on the Eve of the Great Reforms, 1850-1870 (Columbia University, 2011), reviewed by Philippa Hetherington (Harvard University)

[Talking Shop, Medical Anthropology]   Nicola Bulled (University of Connecticut), “Finding Your Feet in the Field: Defining Your Role as a Researcher”

[Science Studies]   Tulley Long, Constituting the Stress Response: Collaborative Networks and the Elucidation of the Pituitary-Adrenal Cortical System, 1930s-1960s (Johns Hopkins University 2011), reviewed by Lea Haller (ETH Zurich)

[Science Studies]   Sophia Davis, “Britain an Island Again”: Nature, the Military, and Popular Views of the British Countryside, c.1930-1965 (University of Cambridge 2010), reviewed by Andrew Whitehouse (University of Aberdeen)

[Science Studies]   Jacob Steere-Williams, The Perfect Food and the Filth Disease: Milk, Typhoid Fever, and the Science of State Medicine in Victorian Britain, 1850-1900 (University of Minnesota, 2011), reviewed by Peter Atkins (Durham University)

[Japan]   LeRon James Harrison, Remembrance(s) of Immortals Past: Kasen as Memory and Polemic in Japanese Court Poetry (University of California, Irvine, 2010), reviewed by Joshua Frydman (Yale University)

[China, Chinese Literature]   Liansu Meng, The Inferno Tango: Gender Politics and Modern Chinese Poetry, 1917-1980 (University of Michigan, 2010), reviewed by Dun Wang (Sun Yat-sen University)

[Archives Review, South Asia]   Hans Utter, review of the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology at the American Institute of Indian Studies, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

[Asian Art, South Asia]   Pushkar Sohoni, Local Idioms and Global Designs: Architecture of the Nizam Shahs (University of Pennsylvania, 2010), reviewed by Marika Sardar (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

[Science Studies]   Koray Karaca, Historical and Conceptual Foundations of the Higher Dimensional Unification Program in Physics (Indiana University 2010), reviewed by Aaron Sidney Wright (University of Toronto)

[Archives Reviews, Science Studies]   Kristen Ehrenberger (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), review of the Federal Film Archive (Bundesfilmarchiv), Berlin, Germany

[Bioethics, Medical Anthropology]   Monir Moniruzzaman, “Living Cadavers” in Bangladesh: Ethics of the Human Organ Bazaar (University of Toronto 2010), reviewed by Lesley Sharp (Barnard College and Columbia University)

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