Researching China this Summer?


Will you be doing research in/on China this Summer? Before you head off, be sure to brush up with our Fresh from the Archives series! And if you would like to contribute a new article, or submit an update for any of these institutions below, please contact us via

Academia Historica, Taipei (Nele Glang)

Beijing Municipal Archives, Beijing (Arunabh Ghosh)

Central Academy of Fine Arts Library, Beijing (Vivian Li)

Chongqing Municipal Archives, Chongqing (Nicole Barnes)

First Historical Archives of China, Beijing (Macabe Keliher)

Foreign Ministry Archives of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing (Amanda Shuman)

Fujian Provincial Archives, Fuzhou (Peter Thilly)

Grand Secretariat Archives, Taipei (Macabe Keliher)

Hangzhou Municipal Archives, Hangzhou (Jennifer Altehenger)

Harvard Yenching Library Rare Books Collection, Harvard University (Devin Fitzgerald)

Jiangsu Provincial Archives, Nanjing (Toby Lincoln)

Nanjing Library, Nanjing (Vivienne Xiangwei Guo)

Nanjing Municipal Archives, Nanjing (Vivienne Xiangwei Guo)

National Archives of India, New Delhi, for China Scholars (Nirmola Sharma)

National Central Library, Taipei (Macabe Keliher)

National Diet Library, Tokyo (Kelly Hammond)

National Diet Library, Tokyo (Judit Erika Magyar)

National Library of China (Reading Room for Ordinary Old Books), Beijing (Jim Bonk)

National Palace Museum Library, Taipei (Macabe Keliher)

National Project for the Compilation of Qing History Library, Beijing (Macabe Keliher)

Shaanxi Provincial Archives, Xi’an (Devin Fitzgerald)

Shaanxi Provincial Library, Xi’an (Devin Fitzgerald)

Shanghai Library, Modern Documents Reading Room (Michael Gibbs Hill)

Shanghai Municipal Archives, Shanghai (Steven Pieragastini)

Shijiazhuang Municipal Archives, Shijiazhuang (Jennifer Altehenger)

Sichuan Provincial Archives, Chengdu (Maura Dykstra)

Tianjin Municipal Archives, Tianjin (Elizabeth LaCouture)

Upton Sino-Foreign Archive (USFA), Concord, New Hampshire (Steve Upton)

Waseda University Library (Special Collections Room), Tokyo (Judith Erika Magyar)

Wuxi Municipal Archives, Wuxi (Toby Lincoln)

Xi’an Municipal Archives, Xi’an (Devin Fitzgerald)

Yunnan Provincial Archives, Kunming (Mary Augusta Brazelton)

Yunnan Provincial Library, Kunming (Mary Augusta Brazelton)

Zhejiang Provincial Library, Hangzhou (Xiaoping Fang)


Important Note: Dissertation Reviews, its members, and affiliates assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this material. Access, location, times, and other data are subject to change, and readers assume all responsibility for making direct contact with the institutions in question and double-checking all information before any visit. If you discover errors in this description, or changes to the policies or relevant information in one of the sites featured on “Fresh from the Archives,” please contact us at

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