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Starting from September 12 2012, Dissertation Reviews will give you a big hit of science every Wednesday — from Bioethics Dissertation Reviews (edited by Tamara Kayali), to the Science Studies and Medical Anthropology series edited by Leon Rocha. If you are interested in reviewing for either the Science Studies or Medical Anthropology series, having your dissertation reviewed, contributing a “Fresh from the Archives” or “Talking Shop” article, or helping out in some other way, please contact

A taste of what’s to come from Science Studies:

Tricia Close-Koenig, Betwixt and Between: Production and Commodification of Knowledge in a Medical School Pathological Anatomy Laboratory, Strasbourg (mid-19th century to 1939), reviewed by Rina Knoeff (Science Studies)

Sophia Davis, “Britain an Island Again”: Nature, the Military, and Popular Views of the British Countryside, c.1930-1965, reviewed by Andrew Whitehouse (Science Studies)

Xaq Frohlich, Accounting for Taste: Regulating Food Labeling in the ‘Affluent Society’, 1945-1995, reviewed by Andrew Ruis (Science Studies)

Koray Karaca, Historical and Conceptual Foundations of the Higher Dimensional Unification Program in Physics, reviewed by Aaron Wright (Science Studies)

Kristen Ehrenberger, reviews of Bundesfilmarchiv Berlin, Stadtarchiv Dresden and Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Leipzig (Science Studies – ‘Fresh from the Archives’ Series)

Tulley Long, Constituting the Stress Response: Collaborative Networks and the Elucidation of the Pituitary-Adrenal Cortical System, 1930s-1960s, reviewed by Lea Haller (Science Studies)

Jessica Martucci, Feeding Babies, Making Mothers: The Science, Practice and Meaning of Breastfeeding in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, reviewed by Charlotte Faircloth (Science Studies)

James Poskett, review of The Wellcome Archives, London (Science Studies – ‘Fresh from the Archives’ Series)

Jennifer Rampling, The Alchemy of George Ripley, 1470-1700, reviewed by Peter Grund (Science Studies)

Kathleen Sheppard, The Lady and the Looking Glass: Margaret Murray’s Life in Archaeology, reviewed by Annette Imhausen Warner (Science Studies)

Kris Weller, Defining Human: Species, Sanity, and Legal Subjecthood, reviewed by Rui Sa (Science Studies)

Meet the Editor

Leon Rocha is Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (and one of his favorite movies is The Addams Family). Leon is Managing Editor of Dissertation Reviews, as well as Field Editor for the Science Studies and Medical Anthropology series. Dr. Rocha’s department page can be found here.

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